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Mineral Check £156

This test assesses the commonest mineral deficiencies such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and copper.

Minerals are essential to the functioning of the entire body. Some minerals are present in large amounts such as calcium. Others like manganese exist in trace amounts but are critical to the body's overall health and well- being.

The most common mineral / trace element deficiency is iron dificiency.

Additional calcium is sometimes needed to treat osteoporosis and iodine may be added to salt in areas where a dietary deficiency may occur.

Mineral supplements may be recommended, by a doctor, for those who have intestinal disorders that prevent proper absorption of minerals.

Who this test is for

This test is for individuals who are worried tha they may be deficient in important minerals due to dietary insufficiency, malabsorbtion or who may be suffering symptoms consistent with a mineral deficiency.


Calcium deficiency symptoms can include muscle aches and pains, muscle twitching and spasm, muscle cramps and reduced bone density.
Iron deficiency symptoms inclue anaemia, brittle nails, confusion, constipation, depression, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, inflamed tongue and mouth lesions.
Copper deficiency symptoms include anaemia, arterial damage, depression, diarrhoea, fatigue, fragile bones, hair loss and hyperthyroidism
Magnesium deficiency symptoms include anxiety, confusion, heart attack, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervousness, muscular irritability, restlessness and weakness.
Manganese deficiency symptoms include atherosclerosis, dizziness, elevated cholesterol, glucose intolerance, hearing loss, loss of muscle control and ringing in ears.
Zinc deficiency symptoms include acne, amnesia, apathy, brittle nails, delayed sexual maturity, depression, fatigue, growth impairment, hair loss, high cholesterol levels, immune impairment, impotence, irritability, lethargy, loss of appetite, male infertility, memory impairment and paranoia.