Hitchin Bloodwork

  Fertility Blood Tests and Health Checks

Home or workplace visits are charged at £35 plus the cost of your blood test or tests (prices listed below).
e.g. A home visit to test for AMH and progesterone would cost £35 (the appointment) plus £76 (AMH) and £46 (Progesterone), so the total cost would be £157

Fertility Blood Test Prices 2017

Anaemia Check: £106

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH): £76

Antisperm Antibodies (Blood): £96

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH): £46

Hormone Panel (Female): £106

Luteinising Hormone (LH): £46

Oestradiol: £46

Pregnancy Blood Test (Quantitative HCG): £46

Progesterone: £46

Prolactin: £46

Rubella IgG Antibodies: £66

Testosterone: £46

Testosterone and Oestradiol: £56

Thyroid Check: £46

Thyroid Check plus Vitamins and Ferritin: £96

Vitamin B12: £46

Vitamin D (25 OH): £46

Other Blood Test Prices 2017

Allergy Mini Check:

Allergy Screen (Cereals):

Allergy Screen (Inhalants and Foods):

Allergy Screen (UK):

Anaemia Check:

Andropause Check:

Coeliac Check:

Coeliac Check Plus:

Core 5 Check:

Cortisol Blood Test:

CRP Test (High Sensitivity):

DHEA Sulphate:

Diabetes Check Plus:

Essential Blood Screen:

Essential Fitness Check:

Haematology Profile:

Heart Disease Risk Check:

Heart Disease Risk Check Plus:

Hepatitis B Immunity:

HIV Test:

Insulin Test:

Lead (Blood):

Liver Check:

Magnesium (Blood):

Mineral Check:

Prostate Check:

Prostate Check Plus:

Rubella IgG Antibodies:

Sports Hormone Check:

Sports Hormone Check Plus:


Testosterone and Oestradiol:

Thyroid Check:

Thyroid Check Plus Vitamins and Ferritin: