Hitchin Bloodwork

  Fertility Blood Tests and Health Checks

Home or workplace visits are charged at £35 plus the cost of your blood test or tests (prices listed below).
e.g. A home visit to test for AMH and progesterone would cost £35 (the appointment) plus £76 (AMH) and £46 (Progesterone), so the total cost would be £157

Fertility Blood Test Prices 2017

Anaemia Check: £106

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH): £76

Antisperm Antibodies (Blood): £96

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH): £46

Hormone Panel (Female): £106

Luteinising Hormone (LH): £46

Oestradiol: £46

Pregnancy Blood Test (Quantitative HCG): £46

Progesterone: £46

Prolactin: £46

Rubella IgG Antibodies: £66

Testosterone: £46

Testosterone and Oestradiol: £56

Thyroid Check: £46

Thyroid Check plus Vitamins and Ferritin: £96

Vitamin B12: £46

Vitamin D (25 OH): £46

We are also able to offer the blood tests listed below:

(Contact us for more information about these tests).

Allergy Mini Check

Allergy Screen (Cereals)

Allergy Screen (Inhalants and Foods)

Allergy Screen (UK)

Anaemia Check

Andropause Check

Antinuclear Antibodies

Baseline Blood Test

Calcium Check

Candida Test

Cholesterol Check

Coeliac Check

Coeliac Check Plus

Core 5 Check

Cortisol Blood Test

CRP Test (High Sensitivity)

DHEA Sulphate

Diabetes Check

Diabetes Check Plus

Diet Check plus Vitamins and Ferritin

Energy Check

Energy Check Plus

Epstein-Barr Virus Antibodies

Essential Blood Screen

Essential Diet Check

Essential Fitness Check

Haematology Profile

Heart Disease Risk Check

Heart Disease Risk Check Plus

Hepatitis B Immunity

Hormone Check (Male)

HRT Check

HIV Test

Insulin Test

Iron Status Check

Kidney Check

Lead (Blood)

Liver Check

Magnesium (Blood)

Menopause Check

Menopause Mini Check

Mineral Check

Prostate Check

Prostate Check Plus

Rubella IgG Antibodies

Sports Hormone Check

Sports Hormone Check Plus


Testosterone and Oestradiol

Thyroid Check

Thyroid Check Plus Vitamins and Ferritin

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Check

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Check Plus

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 and Red Cell Folate

Vitamin Check

Vitamin D (25 OH)

Well Man Check

Well Man plus Vitamins and Ferritin

Well Woman Check

Well Woman plus Vitamins and Ferritin

Zika Virus Antibodies test

Zinc Check